Kristal Blanchone

The first Level 1 DDP YOGA Instructor in the state of Texas and the fourth woman worldwide.

"I’ve been a fitness professional since 2002.  I stumbled across DDP YOGA while looking for something new/fun for a client with flexibility issues.  Of course I had to try it before I recommended it and I was instantly hooked.  After years of beating myself up in the gym and having to work around a sore knee here or a tweaked shoulder there and being of an age where backing off a bit seemed prudent, I suddenly found myself completely pain free and I was noticing fantastic increases in my own strength and flexibility.  I went to the DDP YOGA retreat and was encouraged to get certified to teach.  Ultimately, I knew I had to share DDP YOGA with others.  Not only is DDP YOGA a great workout, it’s a great lifestyle and a great family.  I’m so proud to be a part of it!"

Certifications earned:

Cooper Physical Fitness Specialist and Cooper Elite

National Academy of Sports Medicine CPT

Coaching Healthy Behaviors

Level 1 DDP YOGA Instructor

Level 2 DDP YOGA Instructor