What is DDP YOGA?

Developed to heal the body, DDP Yoga is a hybrid form of yoga that combines yoga, some traditional fitness exercises,  sports rehabilitation and "dynamic resistance" resulting in a "kick-ass" cardio  workout while improving muscular strength, dramatically increasing flexibility and strengthening the core... all with virtually no joint impact!


DDP YOGA is the creation of former professional wrestler Diamond Dallas Page.  After suffering a spinal injury in the ring,  doctors told him that his career as a wrestler was over.  Though he was a guy who "wouldn't be caught dead doing yoga", he tried it simply because it was the only physical activity he could do.  Ultimately, he not only returned to the ring, but went on to become a three-time WCW Heavyweight Champion!

DDP now dedicates himself to helping others heal their bodies, get stronger and achieve their fitness goals.

Who can do DDP YOGA?

ANYONE can do DDP YOGA.  It is easily modified to be easier for the overweight or injured and more difficult for the elite athlete.  DDP YOGA is being practiced by professional athletes including football players, wrestlers and MMA fighters as well as very de-conditioned people that want to lose weight and "get in shape".  Though DDP YOGA was originally created to heal the body, weight loss has been a fortunate side effect for many people.

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